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Fridge Freezer Disposal & Recycling

Fridges and freezers can contain a cocktail of dangerous chemicals and gases that can be harmful to people and the environment. Take care to dispose of your fridges and freezers correctly when they reach the end of their life.

Safe Disposal

You can often ask the supplier of your replacement appliance if they have a disposal policy and can take your old old appliance when delivering the new one. Retailers typically charge an extra fee for this service.

Another way to do it is to take it to your local council recycling centre yourself. Fridges and freezers are best transported upright so be very careful if you are laying one on it's side in a car. Councils will often collect from your home also at a charge.

The Best Solution

Alternatively just call Junk Shifters and we can to take it away for you. We are usually faster and much cheaper than retailers and the local council.

From small domestic fridges to large industrial units we have the vehicles and experience to solve your disposal problems quickly and efficiently.

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